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Stay Connected on the go with Hormuud MiFi!

Hormuud Mifi is on-the-go web surfing when you can be online everywhere with Hormuud Mifi, a portable wireless router that can connect as many as multiple smartphones, tablets or laptops to experience internet at 4G speed!

You can enjoy:

  • The Internet Sharing feature which allows you and any two of your Hormuud friends or family members to access Internet, anytime, anywhere on their mobile phones, with the ease of affordable bundles

MiFi Bundled Package

  • With the purchase of every device you will be entitled to 11 GB FREE Internet. You can purchase your MiFi device from our Hormuud Customer centres for $90

Bundle price 




11 GB


20 GB


35 GB


90 GB


Hormuud Mifi Features

Multiple Connectivity - MiFi hotspot can connect multiple laptops, mobile phones, tablets or any WiFi enabled peripheral to the web within a range of 30 feet.
On-the-go Coverage - Seamless coverage in Mogadisho only
Built-in Security - It comes with built-in security systems and no outside devices/users can access it without proper network authentication.
Superfast Speed - Enjoy internet at superfast 4G speeds anytime, anywhere!
Super Charged Battery - With an exceptionally long battery life of upto 6 hours, it’s a great buy for those who live or travel on the go!