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Hormuud ADSL Broadband

Hormuud ADSL is a high-speed Internet service that uses your telephone line to send and receive Internet data at higher speeds than a conventional dial-up connection. With ADSL you are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day and it enables you browse web content faster and download files more quickly.

How fast is Hormuud ADSL? Typically it depends on your ADSL package. Speeds start at about 256Kb/s and go up to 2Mb/s for both business and home users. Sometimes it depends on the equipment used, distances involved, and frequency spectrum available.

Why use Hormuud ADSL broadband services? Whether you are personal/ individual user (home) or a corporate user (business) Hormuud Broadband Service will offer you the best choice. This means that high-speed connection is always guaranteed.

Other benefits will be

  • Shared Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Always-on Connection
  • No additional telephone bills for internet usage
  • Talk while you surf
  • Uninterrupted internet access
  • Attractive packages and usage plan options
  • Live TV streaming
  • 24x7x365 customer support

Does Hormuud customer need Second phone line? No he does not! He can use his phone line for the internet

Hormuud ADSL Packages

Package Price $ Speed Volume No. Of Users For
1 150 1 mb/s 100 GB 1-4 Small Business
2 100 1 mb/s 70 GB 1-4 Small Business
3 50 512 kbs/s 30 GB 1-3 Home + Students
4 30 512 kbs/s 10 GB 1-2 Home + Students

Hormuud ADSL for Corporate Customers

Bandwidth ADLS Price
512 kb/s shared $200 (1-4)
512 kb/s dedicated $300 (1-6)
1MB/s shared $400 (1-8)
1MB/s dedicated $500 (1-10)
2MB/s dedicated $800 (1-20)