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Hormuud University Cultural Week 2013

April 29, 2014

In an event to finish off a week long cultural week was held inside the Hall of Hormuud University. The event was attended by teachers, guests, students, the administration of the university and representatives from Hormuud telecommunication.

The goal of the cultural week was to orientate the new students in general and in particular to motivated and award the students who performed well in the curricular and extra-curricular activities including winners of report writing, Koran reading, football, position holders, and poet contestants.

Amid the occasion teachers and students jointly displayed different engineering experiments that was admired and welcomed by the attendants of the events. The experiments comprised of solar irrigation system, land switching, and communication noise control.

One of the interesting research experiments was whether or not wheat cultivation is possible in Somalia. The rector of the university who is the leader of this research experiment told the press that they have tested different kinds of wheat crops and came to know that out of those test crops three wheat crops are best suitable in Somali soil.

At the end of the event the general manager of Hormuud Telecommunication thanked the administration of the university for the wonderful achievements they have made in such short time period. He added that Hormuud telecommunication has always been dependent on outside to solve their engineering problems. However he was hopeful that the University of Hormuud will produce qualified and trained engineering students to fill the need for local engineers. 

Hormuud University which was established in 2010 provides faculties of engineering, agriculture and commerce.