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Hormuud Telecom Launches 3G services in the capital Mogadishu

February 20, 2014

Hormuud Telecom, Somali’s leading telecommunicatiom company, launched its 3G mobile network which was only available in northern Somalia. However from 29th December 2012 Hormuud administration has officially announced the release of 3G service.

Hormuud subscribers will now have access to high-speed internet access for their smart phones and laptops. In the initial phase the 3G network will be accessible in Mogadishu only and within a year it will be extended to the major cities in South Somali.

Speaking to the press at Shamo Hotel, Axmed Maxamuud Yuusuf, the Chairman of Hormuud telecom announced the release of the 3G service, stressed the importance of this service to the society. He said “This new service will provide high speed internet which will benefit the students to learn, the academics to research, and the entire public to connect to the world through multimedia platform.

Explaining the flexibility of 3G service, A/Hakim Hassan Idow, Marketing Director of Hormuud Telecom, mentioned during the press conference, that 3G service is available in both prepaid and postpaid options based on the needs of the customers. He added that Hormuud Telecom is always committed to bringing innovative service which is at pace with global telecom technology.

Therefore Hormuud Telecom becomes the first telecom company to bring 3G networks to the capital Mogadishu where poor internet had always been major concern. Nevertheless With the launch of 3G services not only the communication system will be better and improved but it will be affordable as well.