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Hormuud Telecom places a strong emphasis on direct relationships with its investors. This is reflected in high quality, regular and transparent communications. In recent years we have increased our communication activities to include:

  • Moving to quarterly from half-yearly valuations
  • Developing new communication channels such as regular conference calls and webcasts for quarterly valuations, new investments and other significant portfolio developments
  • Introducing video content, such as update briefings from the Co-Managing Partners and portfolio company updates from CEOs
  • Launching a new online portal for investors to publish more frequent and detailed portfolio company communications
  • Launching a new investor newsletter
  • Improve the investor relations team to uplift the communication and reporting capacity

Our Partners

  • KPN
  • ZTE
  • Telesom
  • Golis
  • Salaam Bank
  • University of Hormuud
  • University of Malaya
  • SkyVision
  • Safaricom