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Hormuud foundation donates 4000 litres of petrol to Madina Hospital

In reply to an early request from Madina hospital, Hormuud foundation, the social responsibility and development section of Hormuud telecommunication, has donated 4000 litres of petrol to the hospital. Madina Hospital which is one of the top leading hospitals in Mogadishu has played significant role in the society since the Somali public health system has been inactive for the past 20 years. “One of the day to day challenges Madina hospital faces is lack of power. The hospital operation is highly dependent on sufficient power, and without sufficient electricity the patient’s live is at risk” the hospitals administration told the media.
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Hormuud foundation distributes wheelbarrows to forty manual laborers in Mogadishu

Hormuud Foundation, the social responsibility section of Hormuud Telecom, has distributed forty wheelbarrows to some of the impoverished laborers in Mogadishu Somalia. The distribution came after the foundation has carefully analyzed the needs of the manual laborers who depend on their physical strength as a means for living. The aim of the distribution is create jobs for the manual laborers who neither can buy wheelbarrows of their own nor can afford to use leased wheelbarrows.
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