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Prepaid (pay as you go)

Prepaid (pay as you go)

 Hormuud Prepaid service offers options to pay-as-you-use. You simply need to top-up your account with Hormuud recharge vouchers/scratch cards, Evc plus to have free flow communication. We offer various recharge methods as well as recharge denominations that suit every budget.

  • Top-Up: We offer various types of top-ups for individuals. One can easily buy a top-up for his/her phone as well as top-up for one’s relatives. Our top-ups are available in incremental numbers of $1, $2, $10, $20 and $50, and over .This facility is available for individual use as well as for group use.
  • SIM Card: We offer two types of SIM Cards- basic and Vip. The basic SIM cards have random numbers whereas the premium SIM cards have easy to use numbers. On the other hand, the basic numbers are $2 while the VIP numbers come with a fee of $19.5,29.5,69.5
  • SIM Registration: Hormuud Telecommunication is conscious of SIM related crimes, such as hate messages and fraud. Therefore, every Hormuud subscriber has to follow SIM registration procedure. The subscribers have to submit their full identity and addresses. For instance, passport copy or ID card is necessary for every subscriber. Our each Hormuud sales center has this process of SIM registration.
  • Scratch Card recharge (Press *121*PIN# send): Recharge vouchers are available in the denominations of $1, $2, $5 and $10.
  • E-voucher Recharge: E-voucher service is the best alternative for traditional scratch cards. Now our customers can recharge their mobile prepaid with ease by electronic means.
  • EVC Plus Recharge: The subscribers of EVC plus service can now recharge their cell phones by dialing the following code: *173*Tell number*the amount to recharge# Then enter your Evc plus pin number.

Local and International Tariffs

Descriptions Peak hours per $1 Off peak hours per $1
Local call 20 minutes 50 minutes
International call 4 minutes 4 minutes


Off peak time starts from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM


  • Prepaid land line: Hormuud telecom offers nationwide phone lines services. We offer landlines for businesses, residents, and government offices. To subscribe our landline service, simply visit the nearest Hormuud sales center, fill in the request form and within 24hour, your landline will be installed.