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Hormuud Hotspot service is high speed Wi-Fi broadband internet accessible at public places, hotels, and at educational institutes. If you are hanging out or at your favorite restaurant, Hormuud telecom guarantees a secure and reliable connectivity on your laptop or any handheld devices. Now enjoy internet outside your home.
More benefits

 Enjoy internet access and friend companion while on the move
 Reliable wireless internet connection with high speed
 Secure internet connection at public places, hotels, and educations institutes
 Suitable login methods that meet your needs and budget
 You can accesses all devices laptop, tablet, mobile

Two types of hotspot 



Normal price 

Packages (Time Based)

Dial *300#

Data Price $
1 Hour $0.5
3 Hours $1
24 Hours $ 3


How To Subscribe (HTG-POTRAL)

• Select your menu wireless name (HTG-POTRAL)
• User Name: enter your Number (61*****)
• Select apply password 
• Then enter 4digit number include sms 
• Then select Sign In.

How to subscribe (ESS1)

• Select your menu wireless name (ESS1)
• Select “PEAP”
• Then select “SIM”
• Then Select “connect”